Pipette documentation

Zerosigma provides documentation to meet or exceed the regulatory compliance After the performance verification of pipette is completed. Zerosigma provides the following documentation.

  • 1. Zerosigma SOP used for testing the instruments.
  • 2. Certificates of calibration and NIST traceability on all our secondary equipment used to measure the performance of pipettes.
  • 3. A Customer Service report detailing the work performed.
  • 4. List of pipettes calibrated.
  • 5. List of Pipettes which were found to be out of tolerance.
  • 6. Reports of as found and as left calibration on each pipette.
  • 7. Detailed report on any repairs performed, and Parts replaced.
  • 8. All the historical data on pipettes is preserved on various mediums and can be transmitted to the customers electronically.
  • 9. Pipette calibration certificates are electronically signed.
  • 10. List of decommissioned pipettes

Sample Single Channel Pipette Certificate

Sample Service Report

Sample Twelve Channel Pipette Certificate

Sample Eight Channel Pipette