Pipette Cleaning

Each pipette calibrated by Zero Sigma under goes the following procedure of repair, calibration and certification. Each pipette carries a certificate with all the information about the pipette, information about equipment used and the environmental conditions on the day of calibration.

Equipment setup

1. Set and Let the Balance equilibrate for two hours.

2. Check the Calibration of Balance

3. Set Barometer, Thermometer and Humidity meter for two hours and Note the environmental data.

4. Attach the balance and computer through the RS232 interface.

Performance verification

1. Assign the Zero Sigma Tracking number, and enter the Pipette information in the computer.

2. Note any deviation in physical appearance of the pipette.

3. Measure the weights of four replicate volumes at 10%, 50% and 100% of the nominal volume of pipette. Calculate inaccuracy and imprecision. If pipette fails note the cause and corrective action taken, if it Passes the test proceed to next step

4. Disassemble the pipette.

5. Clean the instrument with ethanol, and polish the steel shaft to reduce friction.

6. Replace Teflon Seal if required

7. Replace any other part as required.

8. Assemble the pipette

9. Check and if needed adjust the volume dispensed.


1. Measure the weights of ten replicate volumes, and calculate mean, standard deviation, accuracy and precision at that Volume (corrected for Density of water and air)

2. Repeat step 5 for two more volume settings.

3. Tag the instrument with a sticker with the date of calibration, next calibration due, and the zero sigma tracking number.

4. If the instrument fails the performance criteria and is un repairable, it is labeled as not calibrated and taken out of circulation.

5. Print the Calibration certificate.

6. Calibration certificates will be given in the following formats: hard copy, PDF, CD and Support for LIMS integration.

Some features of our service

1. The program for performance verification is developed in house hence it is customizable to meet your specifications.

2. Calibration certificate can also be re-designed to meet your specific requirements.

3. The program is validated.

4. The labels used are durable and legible in extreme temperatures. Each label on the pipette has our number, serial number, name of the end user, location, department and calibration done and due dates. The serial numbers are also bar coded to reduce entry errors

5. The pipettes calibrated have a six months no questions asked un conditional warranty, on parts and labor, We will schedule a visit immediately to take the corrective actions if a pipette fails to perform according to the specifications.

6. There is no minimum number of pipettes required for an onsite visit. There is no extra charge for any visit.

7. All parts used are OEM

8. All our technicians have undergone extensive training in pipette calibration.

9. All major brands of manual and electronic pipette, pipette aids and robotic instruments calibrated and repaired on site.

10. You could reach us on toll free numbers

800-474-7387 (1-800-4-PIPETS)
866-944-6725 (1-866-9-4-GOPAL)
866-648-4529 (1-866-6-4-VIJAY)
800-474-7842 FAX