Pipette calibration

Zerosigma Pipette Calibration and Validation provides a critical service to our customers to keep their instruments in regulatory Compliance for GMP/GLP/ cGMP/ and ISO standards. The scheduled preventive maintenance, performance verification, repair and calibration by Zerosigma is an essential part of quality system as required by the GMP quality system. We measure the accuracy and precision of pipettes to meet the maximum allowed tolerance limits for each pipette. All our test equipment is NIST traceable Environmental factors affecting the pipette calibration are taken in to account and each certificate reflects the information about Barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity during the test procedure.

We measure the accuracy and precision of pipettes. All our testing equipment undergoes NIST traceable calibration along with IQ/OQ/PQ (installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification).

Environmental factors affecting the calibration are taken into account, and each certificate has information about the barometric pressure, humidity and temperature (and Z factor).