Zero Sigma Bringing Excellence in Pipette Service Repair, Pipette Calibration Services for years

Zero sigma was established to provide the highest quality on site services possible for pipette cleaning, repair, calibration and documentation for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, government and academic institutions. The company derives its name from a statistical term, which means zero variance or absolute perfection. Zero variance is our mission for excellence in services that are reliable and affordable.

Our purpose is to help our clients make the necessary choices that will allow them to achieve an optimum level of instrument performance, documentation and training necessary for them.

By constantly striving to provide excellence in our services and to accomplish them in the strictest confidence within client’s institution, we hope to establish a long-term cost effective and convenient alternative to in-house calibration or shipping of pipettes out to another company. Since we do the repairs and the paper work on site at each institution, we can personally provide SOPs, better availability of pipettes, improved control over cross contamination and allow our clients to oversee how the calibrations are carried out and customize for their institution.

ZeroSigma offers the customers an un paralleled service with affordable prices. There are various aspects which set us apart from the competition, they are:

  1. Knowledge & Experience
  2. Price & Performance
  3. Service & Satisfaction
  4. Warranty & Peace of Mind
  5. Our commitment to quality

1. Knowledge & Experience

The technical representatives at ZeroSigma have over three decades of experience in Repair and calibration of pipettes. We have the knowhow to repair all the brands of pipettes available in the market. We repair single and multi-channel pipettes, and the electronic pipettes.The program we use to calibrate is written by us, hence it is easy to customize.The training is updated annually for all the representatives.

The standard operating procedure we use was developed over the period of years with the input and active participation of our customers from pharmaceutical industry.

Zerosigma Pipette Calibration and Validation Provides a critical service Our customers to keep theire instruments in Regulatory compliance for GMP GLP cCMP, ISO standards for FDA. The Scheduled preventive maintenance for performance verification, Repair and calibration by zerosigma is an essential part of the quality system as required by proposed GMP Quality system
We measure the accuracy and precision of pipettes, and determinsAs found pass or fail for each instrument based upon the maximum permissible errors and tolerance limits established for different pipettes.

All our testing equipment undergoes NIST traceable calibration along with IQ/OQ/PQ( installation qualification, operational qualification and performance qualification).

Environmental factors affecting the calibration are taken in to account, and each certificate has information about the barometric pressure, Humidity and temperature ( and Z factor)

2. Price & Performance

Zero Sigma offers the lowest prices on the calibration service in the entire country. The low overhead and the knowledge of the industry allow us to keep the prices lower.

We have been in Calibration business for three decades now, we have managed to keep many of the customers for this long period because of the flexibility and eagerness to provide the level of service the customers come to expect and demand.

3. Service & Satisfaction

ZeroSigma offers a wide variety of services to meet the specific requirements of the research laboratory. Depending upon the stringency of the requirements you can opt for a level of service.

Level One: Bronze service

Repair and calibrate pipettes set aside by the end user. The pipettes are cleaned, Teflon seals replaced and pipettes restored to tolerance levels as described in our SOP. Any defective or lost parts are also replaced.

Level Two: Silver Service

All the pipettes in the laboratory are checked to determine the performance, And repair only those pipettes which fail the tolerance limits. The rest of the procedure is as in the Bronze service.

Level Three: Gold Service

This service is for labs following GMP and GLP Protocols. All the pipettes in the lab are serviced semiannually or annually. Each pipette is entered in our database. After Cleaning, replacing the parts and polishing the pipette, each pipette is calibrated at three levels and five replicate measurements are taken via an RS232 interface from the Balance in to our Calibration program. The program calculates Standard deviation, Precision, and makes a volume correction taking in to account Barometric pressure, Relative humidity, and temperature. A final pass /fail report is generated for each pipette, depending on its performance as measured by the tolerance limits. This service meets the performance minimum requirements as per manufacturer’s specs

Certificates of calibration (Traceable to NIST standards) for our balance, Barometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer and secondary weights are provided for your records.

Level Four: Platinum Service

This service offers the next level of excellence. Ten replicate measurements are taken instead of five to increase the level of confidence in the data. Statistically a better weighted average is obtained as the sample size is bigger. Both As found and As left data is provided. This service guarantees performance within manufacturers and ISO 8655 Specs.

Each pipette calibrated by ZeroSigma under goes the following procedure of repair, calibration and certification. Each pipette carries a certificate with all the information about the pipette, information about equipment used and the environmental conditions on the day of calibration. Once calibrated it has our no questions asked warranty for six months.

  1. Assign the ZeroSigma tracking number, and enter the Pipette information in the computer.
  2. Collect as found data at three volumes with four replicates.
  3. Disassemble the pipette.
  4. Clean the instrument with alcohol, and polish the steel shaft to reduce friction.
  5. Replace Teflon Seal as needed
  6. Replace any other part if required.
  7. Assemble the pipette
  8. Check and adjust the calibration by measuring weights of volume dispensed at three levels.
  9. Polish the Pipette.
  10. Once the instrument is calibrated, documentation procedure is followed as explained below.
  1. Set and Let the Balance equilibrate for two hours.
  2. Check the Calibration of Balance.
  3. Set Barometer, Thermometer and Humidity meter for two hours and Note the environmental data.
  4. Attach the balance and computer through the RS232 interface.
  5. Measure the weights of ten replicate volumes, and calculate mean, standard deviation, accuracy andprecision at that Volume (corrected for Density of water and air)
  6. Repeat step 5 for two more volume settings.
  7. Tag the instrument with a sticker with the date of calibration, next Calibrationdue and the zerosigmatracking number.
  8. If the instrument fails the performance criteria, An Out Of Tolerance (OOT) certificate is Generated. Once the repairs are performed CAPA (Corrective Action and Preventive Action) is generated. CAPA reflects any repairs performed, parts replaced, any preventive maintenance performed on the instrument.
  9. Print the Calibration certificate.

4. Warranty & Peace of Mind

We have one of the industries longest warranties. Six months no questions asked warranty on repair and replacement of parts. We stand behind the quality of work we provide.

5. Our commitment to quality

ZeroSigmais committed to providing the customer with Quality service at reasonable cost.

Our motto is to provide reliable pipette calibrations, dependable service, and NIST traceable certifications.

To ensure that all the information on such calibration is archived on paper and or electronic media for easy referral and retrieval.

In order to fulfill our commitment, we follow these guidelines:

  1. All our procedures follow International standards ISO/ 8655 guide lines for determining performance of volumetric instruments.
  2. All of our equipment used to perform certification meets or exceeds the specified tolerance of the pipettes we calibrate.
  3. The Micro balances are calibrated with NIST traceable weights.
  4. The Barometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer and the Secondary weights for calibration are all calibrated to NIST traceable standards.
  5. The balances are maintained with bi annual service from the manufacturer or from and ISO approved Service Company or as required by an outside agency.
  6. All the parts used as replacements are purchased from the manufacturer or of highest quality we can obtain and are evaluated by a rigorous statistical analysis for usability.
  7. Each of our Technical Representatives receives quarterly update training on all brands of pipettes.
  8. Each pipette we repair or certify carries with it our“No Questions Asked”, six month warranty on repair and recalibration and replacement of parts.