On Site, Scheduled maintenance, repair, calibration and documentation service for Pipettes.

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About Zero Sigma

Zero Sigma Bringing Excellence in Pipette Service Repair, Pipette Calibration Services for years Zero sigma was established to provide the highest quality on site services possible for pipette cleaning, repair, calibration and documentation for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, government and academic institutions. The company derives its name from a statistical term, which means zero variance or absolute perfection. Zero…

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Services We Provide

Pipette Cleaning

Each pipette calibrated by Zero Sigma under goes the following procedure of repair, calibration and certification. Each pipette carries a certificate with…

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Pipette repair

An out of tolerance pipette is tagged, an OOT (Out Of Tolerance) report generated. A CAPA (Corrective Action Preventive action) is written…

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Pipette calibration

Zerosigma Pipette Calibration and Validation provides a critical service to our customers to keep their instruments in regulatory Compliance for GMP/GLP/ cGMP/…

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Pipette documentation

Zerosigma provides documentation to meet or exceed the regulatory compliance After the performance verification of pipette is completed. Zerosigma provides the following…

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Levels of Service

Zerosigma Provides various levels of services to customize according to the lab requirements. ZeroSigma own in-house pipette calibration software, which can be…

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Regulatory Compliance

Pipette Calibration by Zerosigma adheres to various international standards. National and International standards adhered to while carrying out performance verification and scheduled…

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Our Customers